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general FAQs

How do I join Craft Club?

Apply to be a Craft Club Member.

Can I bring friends & family with me to the club?

Yes! You can bring 1 free guess anytime as a VIP Gold Member. Any additional guests can access the club for a fee.

Who can attend Craft events?

We have daily events, members can attend for free and guest pay a fee at the door. Scan to sign up for our craft weekly to view our event calendar.

craft box FAQs

What is in the Craft box?

VIP Gold Members receive a monthly Craft Box worth $150 in Craft goods. Pickup your Craft Box on the 10th of every month in the club or get it delivered.

Can I customize my Craft box?

Yes, you can pick and choose what you would like in your box to better suit your needs!

What if I miss a month and forget to get my box?

You always get your box, if the month has passed you get the face value of your box (ex. $67 or $97 in products for any missed box).

membership FAQs

Can I change my Craft Membership?

You are free to change you membership at any time (no fees) and can go back and forth from memberships based on your current needs.

What day does the membership renew each month?

Memberships are renewed on the 10th of every month. You can cancel or change your membership anytime.

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