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Every month we curate unique Craft boxes worth $150 of products for you to experience comfortably! 

Choose your Box

Craft Mini Box

Try our Craft mini box to sample the box and enjoy.


Craft Mystery Box

Get it all with our perfect mix of flower, shrooms, pre-rolls, delicious edibles and concentrates.

Shroom Box

Feeling trippy? Get a rotating mix of raw shrooms, infused baked goods, gummies, capsules and tea.

Edible Box

For the non-smokers get infused baked goods, gummies, drinks powder mix and more.

Flower Box

For the true stoners, enjoy a variety of beautiful flower, pre-rolls, and latest supplies to roll up with.

Pre-Roll Box

We do all the work! Comes with a variety quality pre-rolls, a pack of mini pre-rolls and caviar pre-roll.

Concentrate Box

For those that enjoy the drippiest form like vape cartridges, resin, and tools to get you right.

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