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Stay updated on Craft Events and Specials.

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It's always a vibe at Craft Club! Stop by and check out daily events or host your own. Let us provide the perfect vibe and ambience for your guests!

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member reviews

Seldomly do I feel so strongly about something that I take the time to leave a review, but I LOVE Craft Club! The vibe in this place is chill, welcoming and joyful. It always feels like hanging out at a friend’s place, but with better music and food 😄. Decrease your anxiety and increase your peace and happiness by joining Craft Club today. You can try it out with a week of free membership! (I don’t work for Craft Club, I just love it there)

Leah A.


This was a beautiful experience. This place is awesome very clean, polite staff and friendly members, DJ, nice upstairs and private. I’m definitely thinking about joining and I’m going back 💕

Candy W.


I absolutely love this place and energy here. I can’t wait to begin my membership. The owner is excellent and the benefits of membership are absolutely amazing. Private club, great patrons, fire location, 🔥 benefits



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